We are located in Tuscany:

  • On the southern side of the Siena country;
  • On the only plot of land on the border with Umbria and Lazio;
  • On the municipality of San Casciano dei Bagni, a few hundred meters from the village of Celle sul Rigo;
  • Between the Orcia Valley (Val d’Orcia) and the Chiana Valley (Val di Chiana);
  • On the edge of the “Natural, Cultural and Artistic park of the Orcia Valley”, in the authentic agricultural landscape, cultivated with cereals, vineyards and olive growth.

Where we are

Around us there are medieval towns of authentic beauty such as San Casciano dei Bagni, Cetona, Montepulciano, Monticchiello, Pienza, San Quirico d’Orcia, Montalcino, Cortona, Cittą della Pieve.

Famous art  cities only few hours away: Arezzo, Siena, Florence, Perugia and Rome. In the area some of the most renowned wineries offers delicious wine: from the Chianti, to the Noble of Montepulciano (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano) and the worldwide famous Brunello of Montalcino (Brunello di Montalcino).

Our territory is rich of thermal baths, first of all San Casciano dei Bagni but a few kilometers away there are also the thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni, Chianciano Terme and the sulfur rich waters of Rapolano Terme.

CELLE SUL RIGO: old Castrum de Cellis, is a small town situated 586 meters above sea level. The name of the village derives from the old cellars used for grains and wine, which were dug in the bed of Rigo creek. The urban structure of the village is “Roman castrum”, a style characterized by narrow streets in quadrangular sequence. Like San Casciano, Celle was once part of the territories owned by the Visconti family of Campiglia, but differently from the thermal neighbor city and the castle of Fighine it didn’t remain a possession of the feudal family for long. At the end of the 14th century Celle became land owned by the Salimbeni, a family from Siena. There was hostility between the Salimbeni family and the town of Siena. These hostilities ended on the 23rd of March 1384 when the family was finally authorized from the city of Siena to build walls around the town. The peace didn’t last for long. In 1404 Nanni Piccolomini, member of the nobility of Siena, invaded Celle sul Rigo and the 14th of March 1418 Celle officially became province of Siena. Alike all the castles in the territory, Celle remained a trusted ally of Siena till August 5th 1559 when the last defense of the army of Siena fell to the invasion of the Florentine Medici family.

Celle was also honored to be the provisory house of the famous Italian poet Giousč Carducci, who followed his father Michele, a medical doctor. On April 3rd 1851 the city of San Casciano dei Bagni assigned M.D. Michele Carducci (the father of Giousč) the job of city medical doctor of Celle sul Rigo. The 26th of July 1854 M.D. Carducci resigned from his position due to political issues.

Today you can see the same medieval tower rising upon the town square. From one side of the square you can see a landscape rich of green hills decorated with Oak trees, cypress and country houses. Ideal places for long relaxing walks, horse rides or bike rides.

Come enjoy our traditional cuisine, known for the high quality of our dietary products. Our excellent and most proud products are the pici (a very special handmade pasta), the buglione (a traditional lamb and game in a spyce tomatoes sauce), zuccherini (cookies) and Vin Santo (dessert wine).

SAN CASCIANO DEI BAGNI is only 5 kilometers away from us. Known since the times of the Roman Empire for their 46 thermal springs with waters rich of minerals, healthy able to restore body and mind. Even during the winter is possible to bath in outside natural warm pools, known over the centuries for the openness and great landscape. The Centro Termale Fonteverde ( www.fonteverdespa.com ) offers a Spa with beauty treatments and therapeutic massages. The thermal center Fonteverde is internationally known for the vast amount of options that individuals have when it comes to relaxation treatments: modern manual massaging technique, from the occidental esthetic massages to the antique oriental treatments.

Around us


Montepulciano (45 Km), pearl of the sixteenth century and home of the humanist and poet “Il Poliziano” (1454-1494) born Angelo Ambrogini.

Pienza (30 Km), native town of pope Pius II, great supporter of the monumental reconstruction of Pienza.

Chiusi (28 Km), Etruscan city, part of the “Dodecapoli”, surrounded by notorious necropolis.

Cittą della Pieve (25 Km), home of “Il Perugino” (1446/1450 – 1523), born Pietro Vannucci, a Renaissance painter of the Umbrian school.

... and Siena (90 Km); Florence (160 Km); Perugia (68 Km); Rome (160 Km); Assisi (85 Km); Orvieto (55 Km); Arezzo (100 Km); Cortona (70 Km).


San Casciano dei Bagni (5 Km); Bagno Vignoni (35 Km); Chianciano Terme (30 Km); Bagni di San Filippo (30 Km).


Monte Amiata (27 Km); Monte Cetona (10 Km); Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno (20 Km); Parco Artistico Naturale della Val d’Orcia. Natural museum, many walking trails, Oak forests with mushrooms and chestnuts in the fall, snow in the winter. Chiusi Lake (30 Km); Bolsena Lake (35 Km); Trasimeno Lake (45 Km).


Montepulciano (45 Km), city of the Vino Nobile; Montalcino (60 Km), land of Brunello; Pienza (40 Km), famous for their cheese...

Our hospitality will satisfy and surprise you. Let us share our beautiful land with you for an experience truly impossible to forget.